100 Reasons to go to College

There is a relatively famous blog that is well-known in the graduate student community, which focuses on 100 different reasons that one shouldn't obtain a graduated degree:

While I actually think this is a great blog, with many logical points, it has led to other bloggers trying to tackle undergraduate studies and if it is still "worth doing".

One such blog followed a similar formula, only making it to 11 reasons why to skip college. This blog can be found here:

This summer, I plan on providing 100 reasons to go to college (alongside 100 reasons to go to grad school and 100 reasons to get a PhD or other doctoral degree).  Why? Honestly, it just seems fun to me!

I want to be clear, I'm not trying to refute either of these two blogs. Do I agree with every point they make? No. Are their opinions valid in certain circumstances? Absolutely. My goal isn't so much to prove anyone wrong, but simply to provide an alternative view on what I believe is becoming somewhat of a cliche - that of defining college as a less valuable pursuit, especially the study of various humanities.

My ultimate goal is to turn these 300 total reasons to get three degrees into a free ebook reference for students and their families. But, let's not get ahead of ourselves!

As my list grows, I'll provide each reason and a link to its respective blogpost on this page.

My 100 reasons to go to college:

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