About the Site/Author

About the Site

The goal of this site is simple:

Provide college and university application information that can help you to make a more informed decision about your future.

Let’s face it – college is expensive, time-consuming, and one of the largest risks one takes in developing themselves for the future. Being able to make a truly informed decision is critical in making the “right” choice, instead of one that sets you back for years to come.

Furthermore, applying to college is difficult in and of itself. Between various tests, class choices, and major selection, the path between high school to the working world isn’t always clear for most students. 

This has led to the creation of businesses focused entirely on helping students apply to college, commonly referred to as Admissions Consulting firms. But, what do students actually get from these businesses? In some cases, they get excellent mentorship and personal growth and development, in other cases, they have someone complete their college application for them in a completely unethical fashion.

As such, I’m aiming on creating a site that provides a brevity of information that is, and always will be, free to all users. Instead of trying to monetize student anxiety (and the anxiety of parents), I want to share my expertise in a fun and laidback style.

As this site grows, my goal is to provide information on three platforms:
  • This blog/website. 
  •  A weekly podcast, which will be linked on this site and YouTube.
  • And videos topics on a variety of college application, professional and academic development, and other related issues on the channel: University Application Guide.

 I hope you find this site useful and wish you the best in your future endeavors.

About Me
My name is Ryan Eller and I have worked in higher education over the past five years. I graduated from California State University, Monterey bay with a B.A. in Human Communication and a M.S. in Instructional Science and Technology. After college, I worked as an English Instructor for two organizations located out of Taiwan and ultimately worked as a lead tutor for an educational company located out of San Luis Obispo, California.

I found my way into private admissions consulting in the fall of 2014, working for one of the larger private admissions consulting firms in the Bay Area.  During my time at this company I worked with hundreds of students, helping them to be admitted to many top 100 universities, including Stanford, various UCs, New York University, among many others.

As time went on, I knew that I wanted to work directly in higher education, versus on its periphery. This led me to return to my alma mater, CSU Monterey Bay where I currently work as a graduate program coordinator and as a lecturer in our Computer Science department.Due to my interest in education, I completed a Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) at Fresno State in 2019, with a focus on how to use social media to motivate first-year students towards academic and career goals.

Want to learn more about my work history or academic background? Check out my LinkedIn here and my Academia.edu profile here if you are interested in my published academic work!

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